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All trainings can be followed full board
at the La Héronnière reception centre or
as day young, if you live in the area or
in our lodges or cottages.

Offer your kid a full stay in nature during his holidays! Full board and sporty trainings: we will take charge of your child from Sunday at 06.00 p.m. to Saturday at 10.00 a.m. Choose with him the or several trainings he will take part to during his stay: mountain bike, sailing, fishing, horse riding training or escape training.


Children will be dispatched according to their age and will be supervised respecting the rhythm of their lives. A particular attention will be paid to the youngest ones, for them to have points of reference in space and time. Our team also takes care of every young’s needs and organizes the collective life for everyone to find a place and develop his or her autonomy by respecting the general interest of the group itself. Among the strong beats of the week, an evening gathering ends every day: table tennis challenges, card games, quiz, evening walks in the wood… the last evening gathering is a very appreciated festive moment: grills and summer ambiance at the lakeside.


Complementary outdoor activities are organized for children who take part to one training only during their stay here. The Manager of the reception centre, holder of the BAFD certificate, and the team of instructors, also BAFA certified, organize a multi-activity programme, specially adapted to the children’ abilities and expectations. Among the possible activities: kayak, orienteering race, raid, water area, archery, stand up paddle, great outdoor games…


All stays include accommodation and catering under the supervision of a team of qualified instructors. Your child will live in the “la héronnière” reception centre, where he will share a room with two or three other kids of his age. All bedrooms of this High Environmental Quality building are turned to South and have a very beautiful view onto the lake. They are fitted with a shower room (shower, basin, toilet). All meals are served in the restaurant of the “la Héronnière” reception centre. Your little one will have breakfast, lunch, snack and diner with all holiday mates.


All stays for young people include a five half day training, to be chosen among the topics described in this page. Your kid can enrol in a second training during the same stay. These educational trainings teach your child how to develop his control of the sport thanks to the explanations, advice and supervision given by our qualified and specialized instructors.


Introduction to the various aspects of mountain bike riding: driveability, mechanics, hiking, use of the material, discovery and respect of the environment and the other users. The learning certification book is a real bike riding licence and is given to your child for the total length of his training. The “Biclou” level, certifying his autonomy, will be granted to the ones under 12 years. Three other “bikers” perfecting levels will prove his progress in the control of techniques.


Ideal to discover unusual sensations of sailing (catamaran, windsurfing board), the base of the resort is labelled « French Sailing School » by the French Sailing Federation. Your child will learn to drift on and to face all situations in complete safety. A sailing passport indicating his improvement level will be given to him for the total length of his training; it will allow him to improve at his own rhythm in a friendly atmosphere.
An education book certifying your kid’s final level will be offered to you with the passport at the end of the training. Beware: the only condition is that your child can swim.


Your kid will discover the various “no kill” fishing techniques. This consists in intentionally and systematically putting the fish caught back into the water, even if it sizes the legal capture size fixed by the law. The young people will learn the techniques of fishing with a big rod and modern carp fishing, respecting the water environment.  Let’s take our rods, fish would better watch out!


On programme: Grooming and preparation of the horse, playful introduction to horse riding for beginners (go forward, stop, turn, trot…). For the most qualified ones, perfecting lessons are given in a sandpit for dressage and obstacle jumps. Rides are organized too.  Taking one’s “Gallop” qualification is possible for all FFE members (French Horse Riding Federation).


Start to learn glass thermal compression moulding and realize your own chef d’oeuvre.

All hosts of the lodges in the campsite have a free and unlimited access to the water area of the Valjoly tourist resort.

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