Water in all its forms and for everyone…Wave lovers will enjoy the big red ball in the playful pool. The benefits of the steam of saunas and hamman will offer relaxation to the visitors of this area. While sporty men and women are delighted by the quietness of the swimming pool, the youngest ones will meet new friends in the paddling pool.

Closing times for emptying: From the 10th to the 14th march 2014 (re-opening on the 15th March)

From the 17th November to the 21st November 2014 (re-opening on the 22nd November)

Feel free to go to the water area all year round or take part to the aqua form activities, supervised by qualified instructors:

Vue 360° 

  • Access to the pool


    In a large and bright space overlooking the lake enjoy these serene moments : playful pool, swimming pool, outdoor pool (during summer), everyone in the family can enjoy it.

    • Recommended from :
    • Lasting : half a day
    • Credit : entry
      Adult in the morning : 4 units
      Adult in the afternoon : 5 units
      Children in the morning: 3 units
      Children in the afternoon : 4 units

      Please see our prices and time schedules in the left column
  • Swimming lessons


    Get used to water and take swimming lessons. Through water courses, you will work on footholds and won’t be frightened of immersion anymore.

    • Recommended from : 6 years
    • Lasting : 30 minutes
    • Credit : 4 units per session
      fixed price for 10 sessions : 55 units

For hygiene reasons, shorts and swimming trunks are forbidden. Come with your boxer short or bathing suit and with one euro coin for lockers.

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